A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Survival Roguelite for the Godot Wild Jam #5.

The scope of the game was too big (and to be honest, only now i realized that i have not completely satisfied the Jam themes), and it's unfinished, because I wanted to add some more mechanics and complete all the character models.

 But anyway, after so much work (I did everything, apart from some sound effects), at least I learned so much about Godot 3.1 and saw how awesome it is.

Regarding RogueWaste, it's quite fun, maybe needs a bit of balance, there are bugs, but overall I can say that it's a success.

How To Play:

Go to the next procedurally generated areas and try to survive acquiring supplies. Area after area the world becomes more hostile, with many zombies and more radiation! The more you fight for you life the more your survival rating will increase!

My record: 160034 Survival Rating.


-Left mouse click: move/shoot

-Middle mouse: move camera

-Tab: fullscreen

-M: enable/disable music

Install instructions

For windows, download the file, extract in a directory an run RogueWaste.exe


Linux.7z 24 MB
Mac.7z 30 MB
Windows.7z 22 MB
Source.7z 32 MB

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