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In a doomed wasteland, an hunter with extraordinary abilities tracks a beast that is devastating humanity.

Most of humans have lost sight or are partially blind. The hunter trained for years to gain great speed and, even if partially blind, he can actually concentrate to sense presences from afar.

An attempt to make a 3D first person shooter game for LOWREZJAM... of course it's really hard to see at long distances, so I tried to implement a mechanic that complements this.

How to Play:

Track the beast following its scratch or examining wolf corpses. Use the sun (the West) or the compass to orient yourself and get near the beast. Use the aim (right click) to spot far enemies or cacti (cactus plants).

Stamina (the green bar on top right) influences your speed, you can replenish it interacting with a cactus. Some cactus can replenish also health.


wasd: move

mouse: look

left mouse: shoot

right mouse: aim

left shift: run

e: interact

increase/decrease mouse sensivity: pageUP/pageDOWN or numpad +/-

Procedural generation: 

Every new game the world is procedurally generated and the beast is placed in a different location. The world is infinite (or at least, it should be).


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The gameplay loop was as polished as it can be and it shows! I'll kill the beast one day ;)

I added your game to my Top 10 games from LowRezJam 2019 collection 😊

Top 10 games from LowRezJam2019 collection

thank you so much!!!